Has Xarelto Litigation Been Consolidated?

The drug Xarelto (rivaroxaban) is a blood thinner commonly used to treat atrial fibrillation, and on patients who have had hip or knee replacement surgery. However, it has been linked to uncontrolled internal bleeding, particularly gastrointestinal bleeding events.

Where other blood thinners like Warfarin may have antidotes to control bleeding events, Xarelto does not. This has allegedly led to cases where patients have been seriously injured or killed from bleeding out.

Last year, Bloomberg reported that 65 deaths had been linked to Xarelto, and that lawsuits were filed in at least 10 federal courts against manufacturer Johnson & Johnson.

Xarelto Lawsuits Consolidated

Recently, an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) in Pennsylvania issued an order consolidating 75 Xarelto lawsuits together into one mass tort docket in a state court.

Attorneys for the plaintiffs were happy with the ruling, as they said that it would promote an easier trial process by eliminating duplicative evidence during pretrial proceedings, potentially speeding up the process.

This is not the first round of Xarelto litigation to be consolidated. Late last year, a US Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation consolidated numerous lawsuits for multidistrict litigation (MDL) in a Louisiana federal court.

If you have questions about the differences between class action cases and MDLs, or mass tort cases in general, you can click here.

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