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Taking on the pharmaceutical industry seems like an impossible task. What chance does one person stand against a massive corporation with powerful legal defenses? As our multidistrict litigation (MDL) lawyers know from firsthand experience, you are not alone, and injured victims have strength in numbers. Zoll & Kranz, LLC have won several millions of dollars for people injured by dangerous drugs and defective medical devices, and a dangerous drug lawyer at our firm can represent you in an individual lawsuit or join a mass tort (MDL) lawsuit along with others suffering the same injustice.

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What is a Multidistrict Litigation (MDL)?

Zoll & Kranz, LLC attorneys represent individuals in multidistrict litigation (MDL). MDL has a combined discovery phase in which evidence is exchanged between plaintiffs and defendants. However, unlike class actions, MDL holds separate trials on behalf of each individual plaintiff. Zoll & Kranz, LLC splits the product liability cases into two categories, dangerous drugs and defective medical devices.

Dangerous Drugs Lawsuits

Dangerous Drugs

The Implanon birth control implant may become lost and it is alleged there is an inability to locate the device in the body if this happens. The adverse event from this could be severe. Learn More
Invokana is a newly classed SGLT2 inhibitor that is believed to be connected to ketoacidosis and kidney disease diagnosis. Learn More
There may be a potential connection between the chemotherapy drug Taxotere and permanent, irreversible hair loss (alopecia).Learn More
Current MDL that investigates the potential connection of testosterone treatment therapy and injuries such as heart attack, stroke, blood clots and DVT.Learn More
Zofran during pregnancy may lead to congenital heart defects, cleft lip and cleft palate in children. Learn More
Defective Medical Devices Lawsuits

Defective Medical Devices

There have been adverse events reported in regards to IVC Filters alleging perforations, tilting, migration and fractures. Learn More
The power morcellator device is used in some laparoscopic myomectomies and hysterectomies, during fibroid removal surgery. Current lawsuits are alleging the device to spread cancer cells. Learn More
Stryker hip replacement medical device by the name of LFIT™ CoCr V40™ Femoral Heads is a component used in a total hip replacement. We have seen the device recalled and safety warnings being made in foreign countries. Our product liability lawyers have reason to believe that the U.S. consumer market will be notified in the near future about a safety notice or recall.
Learn More
Zimmer’s Persona Trabecular Metal Tibial device has been recalled following an increase in complaints of radiolucent lines and loosening. Learn More

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